Waterfront 5k Course

Our gorgeous waterfront out and back course has a new start and Finish location compared to previous years.

We now will be starting outside Macs Brewbar on Taranaki Wharf with the turnaround point at the 3km marker embedded in the pavement just around the corner at Point Jerningham where the white wooden fence ends adjacent to Starter box for the yacht club races and then returning the same way.

Please note on this course we have two vehicle crossing points, namely

  • entrance to Herd Street (after Waitangi park as you run outbound - around 700m into the course.), and
  • Freyberg Pool carpark entrance (located just after the 1km mark at Freyberg Pool)

At both of these locations please take care and ensure that it safe to cross these points.  i.e look out for any vehicles coming out of or into these locations, and cross only when safe to do so. - THANK YOU

Course Map

Course Map

An overview of the Waterfront 5k course