Registration / Entry Forms

Thank you for considering filling out this form  - by completing this form you help make the registration on the night quicker and easier for you  (& us)

The form is set up for two uses, either:

  • if you haven't done an event this summer, it collects the basic registration details that we need in all cases,  (this should take under 3 minutes to complete) or
  • if you have already run this summer with us, it gives you the option to make a top-up payment for future events (this takes 1 minute)

Note: You only need to register fully for your first event of the summer, after that then you just need to turn up each Tuesday evening at Mac's Brewbar Taranaki Wharf and sign in quickly easily for the rest of summer.

Making payments?: This form has an added option where you can now prepay online as well (via Paypal using your Paypal account or a credit or debit card).  You can elect to pay for:

  • one event ($7.50),
  • or  multiple events at a discount
    • 5 events for $30,
    • 10 events for $55 or
    • 20 events for $100
  • you can use this form when you either register for the first time or when you make a top-up payment later in the season.


Thank you!

Waterfront 5k Registration (first time & top up payments)

Pre Event Registration 2018

Pre Event Registration 2018

To record personal information for the Waterfront5k series

Basic personal details (first time registration)

Please enter your Date of Birth in the format to enter is DD/MM/YYYY
Tick the box above if you are a walker

Medical Notes

If you have any medical notes that the Waterfront 5k Crew should be aware of, please note it down here.
If an emergency situation arose with yourself during an event who would be the person you would like use to contact?
What is the contact phone number for the person you listed above?

Online payment option

You can elect to prepay for your 5k if you wish (for a single event, or for a multitrip option (5,10 or 20 trip options available)




Thank you all