Waterfront 5k Cancelled for Tuesday November 15th

We hope that you, your family, friends and property are all okay after this morning's Earthquakes.

With regards to our event that was to be held tomorrow night (Nov 15th). We have taken the decision to cancel the event tomorrow night. We feel (after talking with the council) that this is the most sensible decision.

At this stage we are still unsure of when the sensible restrictions around the Wgtn CBD will be lifted, and at this stage the council has done some basics checking of the waterfront - but by tomorrow are not likely to have completed a full assessment of all issues.

There are some easily noticeable effects from the quake on the waterfront, none that directly impact our course, but they are close to the course. And at this stage we don't know effects might have been caused that can't be seen yet.

We want to ensure that the Wellington CBD is safe for all, the aftershocks have settled down and a full assessment has be completed before we use the waterfront. We prefer to have safe course for all.

So lets be sensible and focus rather than on our weekly run, lets focus on our city, family and friends who might need something this week

We wish you all a safe week, we will see you back on the Waterfront on Nov 22nd

Take care

Reminder for the Next Waterfront 5k:

Tuesday November 22nd 2016,

From Mac's BrewBar, Taranaki Wharf
Registration from 5pm,
Run start 5:40pm
Prizegiving ~6:25pm (post last finisher)Remember to bring back your bib number next time you run - that is your number for all this season!

Yours, one 5k at a time,
The Waterfront 5k Team